Analysis of the development situation of injection moulding machines

News source:Haishi plastic machine Time:2015-02-02
Africa has always been perceived in the world as poor and backward, and therefore the African market for plastic machinery has become an overlooked market. In fact, Africa dominates as an emerging potential market for plastic machinery. At present, many well-known plastic machinery manufacturers are using the latest research and development of bag blowing machines, plastic bag printing machines, plastic injection moulds and other various models of machines, through the French influence on North Africa, West Africa and other French-speaking countries, strong attack Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and other emerging potential markets. 
  It is reported that French rubber and plastic machinery manufacturers have gradually developed this area of the market. Machinery annual sales amounted to about 1.9 billion U.S. dollars, ranking fourth in the world after Japan, the United States, Germany. According to other industry sources, African countries have a large demand for the production of plastic bags of bag blowing machine products, in South Africa is due to foreign investment in automotive plants, there is a certain demand for plastic injection machines, it is worth manufacturers to strengthen the development. 
  Although Africa's economy is relatively backward, its plastics industry is also in its infancy. However, from a long-term analysis, Africa will be a larger market for plastic machinery, and thus also become the focus of the global rubber and plastic equipment production countries to compete. 
  "Go global" road wider 
  According to the U.S. industrial market research company's survey shows that the size of the machinery market, will increase at an average annual rate of 3.5%. The United States and Japan plastic machinery demand will reappear signs of recovery, Western European market demand in 2011 to accelerate growth. The outlook for plastics machinery sales in China, India and Russia is positive. Turkey, the Czech Republic, Iran and other developing countries and regions, the demand for plastic machinery will also gradually grow. This, coupled with the continued growth of the global construction market, will drive demand for extruded products such as pipes and wall panels, which in turn will drive demand for extrusion equipment. Global demand for extrusion equipment, therefore, is expected to outstrip other types of plastic machinery products. 
  In 2011, China's plastic machinery industry was the largest in the world, with total exports accounting for more than 20% of the world's total exports, placing it in a dominant position in the global competition for injection moulding machines. Italy and Japan are in second and third place. The United States' share of injection moulding machine exports, on the other hand, has been declining year by year. Japan's electric injection moulding machines occupy an important position in the world, of which the share of electric injection moulding machines in North America has reached about 30%. 
  At present, these developed countries' mainly focus on precision injection moulding machines, large injection moulding machines and other high technology content and high value-added models. After years of technology introduction and technological innovation, China's plastic machine industry in the field of low-end injection moulding machines, the manufacturing level has been comparable to that of developed countries, coupled with the advantage of labour prices, making China's low-end injection moulding machine exports occupy half of the world. 
  In addition, in recent years, the Chinese industry has not only made great progress in the field of mid-range injection moulding machines, but also made a breakthrough in the field of high-end injection moulding machines, thus, the market share of Chinese plastic machines will gradually expand. 
The Russian market has become the "meat and potatoes" 
  At present, Russian manufacturers are committed to gradually expand production capacity and investment in the modernization of factories, plastic processing machinery and other light industrial machinery and equipment market is heating up. Due to Russia's high demand for plastic machinery, and the country's limited ability to produce plastic machinery, far from meeting market demand, therefore, the proportion of product imports continue to increase. 
  Industry analysis, Russia plastic machine market demand is strong for the following reasons: First, due to the rapid development of the domestic food industry, the corresponding growth in demand for plastic packaging materials; Second, due to the growing demand for plastic products in the construction materials, sporting goods, stationery supplies and automotive industry; Third, there are currently more than 2,000 enterprises in Russia involved in plastic processing. The existing holdings of injection moulding machines are estimated at around 10,000 units, and most of these machines are obsolete, with over 80% of them in urgent need of replacement. According to industry sources, in recent years, the Russian plastics machinery market has developed rapidly, with the market size reaching 200 million to 300 million U.S. dollars, and the Russian plastics machinery market will continue to grow in the coming years. 
  The expansion of the Russian plastic machinery market, the prospects are good, causing the world's plastic machinery manufacturers attach great importance to and fierce competition. Not only European machinery companies to increase marketing efforts to expand their market share, many Asian machinery companies also jumped at the chance to occupy a place in the Russian market, have made every effort to attract Russian customers. Many companies have also put forward a sales strategy of "high quality products at reasonable prices", promoting their products as affordable, reliable and easy to operate. Some companies also organise seminars and training courses at buyers' factories. As a result, the competition to capture the Russian plastic machinery market is intensifying. 
  Currently, the main sources of imports into the Russian plastics machinery market are countries such as Germany and Italy, with China in fifth place. The main products in demand in the Russian plastic machinery market are small plastic machines with low unit costs. In terms of machine types, the main imports are injection moulding machines, hollow forming machines, vacuum forming machines, plastic extruders and plastic recycling machines. In terms of import methods, they are usually divided into three categories, including the purchase of whole plant equipment, upgrading of new equipment, and replenishment of equipment for existing production lines. 
  China's traditional export products have strong competitiveness in the international market, Ningbo plastic machinery products have an advantage in terms of cost performance, the financial crisis caused a decline in purchasing power in various countries, consumers put more emphasis on practicality and cost performance when shopping, which makes inexpensive and good-quality Chinese Ningbo plastic machinery products more popular. The impact of the international financial crisis on developed countries has been more severe, and our competitors are becoming weaker. 
  In short, the industrial base of China's plastic machinery is better, a solid foundation for foreign trade work, has explored a series of effective measures, especially the development of China's plastic machinery industry has not changed the fundamentals of the long-term trend for the better has not changed, by the plastic machinery manufacturing power to the plastic machinery to create a strong country's goal has not changed, which makes us accelerate the revitalization of China's plastic machinery industry, with full confidence and confidence.
  In summary, China's plastic packaging machinery industry, the export situation is good, positive factors are increasing.
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