The future of injection moulding machines

News source:Haishi plastic machine Time:2015-02-02
In 2008, the total export of injection moulding machines in the world was US$5.46 billion, of which Germany ranked first in the world in terms of the scale of the injection moulding machine industry, with total exports accounting for more than 20% of the total exports of the world's injection moulding machines, and was in a dominant position in the global competition for injection moulding machines. Italy and Japan are the second and third. The share of the United States in the export of injection moulding machines has been decreasing year by year, from 9.8% in 2000 to 5.3% in 2008. Japan's electric injection moulding machines occupy an important position in the world, and the share of electric injection moulding machines in North America has reached about 30%. At present, the injection moulding machines in Europe, America and Japan are mainly precision injection moulding machines, large injection moulding machines and other high technology and high value-added models. After years of technology introduction and technological innovation, China's plastic machine industry in the field of low-end injection moulding machines, the manufacturing level has been comparable to that of developed countries, coupled with the advantage of labour prices, making China's low-end injection moulding machine exports occupy half of the world. In addition, in recent years, the Chinese plastic machine industry has not only made great progress in the field of mid-range injection moulding machines, but has also made important breakthroughs in the field of high-end injection moulding machines, and the market share of Chinese plastic machines is expected to expand gradually.

In terms of the global market landscape, the continued development of the global construction market will drive the demand for extruded products such as plastic pipes and wall panels, which in turn will drive the growth in demand for extrusion equipment. As a result, global demand for extrusion equipment is expected to outpace other types of plastic machinery products. A survey by the U.S. Industrial Market Research shows that demand for plastics machinery in the United States and Japan will reappear signs of recovery, and market demand in Western Europe will accelerate growth in 2009. The outlook for plastics machinery sales in China, India and Russia is positive. Turkey, the Czech Republic, Iran and other developing countries and regions, the demand for plastic machinery will also gradually grow.
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