Haishi Plastic Machinery Export to USA EU certification

News source:Haishi plastic machine Time:2016-11-08
In 2016, Haishi plastic machine to a new level, with excellent quality, high safety, high cost performance to win the United States California professional customers pro-gaze, through the United States customers to Haishi plastic machine Ningbo factory field visits, by the international standard of professional testing, Haishi plastic machine with excellent performance won. After the first batch of prototype machines arrived in the United States, users were very satisfied after using them, and the second batch of orders came to Haishi's factory again in August 2016, and in September 2016, customers from Pennsylvania, USA came to order Haishi's machines again. The success of opening the high-end market in the United States is due to Haishi's long-standing business philosophy of quality first and innovation development. Haishi Plastic Machinery actively responds to the national supply-side reform, insists on the spirit of craftsmanship, treats each product like forging a work of art, and strives to make the products: safe, precise, energy-saving, fast, durable, user-friendly, low-maintenance, cost-effective and good products, so that customers around the world will be more We strive to make our products safe, precise, energy-saving, fast, durable, user-friendly, low-maintenance and cost-effective, so that customers around the world will like "Made in China" more and strive for "Made in China".
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