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  • injection molding machine-HS-80
  • injection molding machine-HS-100
  • injection molding machine-HS-118
  • injection molding machine-HS-138
  • injection molding machine-HS-158
  • injection molding machine-HS-178
  • injection molding machine-HS-238
  • injection molding machine-HS-278
  • injection molding machine-HS-298
  • injection molding machine-HS-328
  • injection molding machine-HS-398
  • injection molding machine-HS-428
  • injection molding machine-HS-528
  • injection molding machine-HS-628
  • injection molding machine-HS-788
  • injection molding machine-HS-1180
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An excellent injection molding machine shall possess advanced design philosophy, high-quality parts, rigorous assembly process, strict factory inspection standard, extremely low maintenance rate, humanized…

Steel parts and castings

Injection molding machine frame

Prevent oil leakage


It’s a professional manufacturer and exporter of injection molding machines.Haishi injection molding machine has become quite popular in the global market with its durable and low maintenance rate; it has passed the CE Certification. The high-level accessories make it safe, fast and energy-saving. The High-level engineers offer convenient pre and.…

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